Striving to be a bridge in our community & world

Bridges are all about connecting, not dividing. At New Covenant Fellowship, the bridge has become a meaningful symbol, because it’s another way to think about a covenant—it represents how hard God works to bridge the chasms in our lives and our world.

When those chasms are bridged—between young and old, conservative and liberal, people who live in big homes and those who are homeless, those who were raised in the church and those who are new to the faith—this world begins to look and function a bit more like God intended.

We hope you’ll visit—join us in worship at 10:30 on Sunday mornings, ask questions, experience God’s grace, grapple with what the Bible teaches us, and work with us to bring more of God’s mercy and justice to our world.

As a community of believers, we strive to be:

Doing justice
Giving freely
Embracing diversity

What 40 years as a pastor has taught me: It’s OK to not know everything (Part II)

As a young pastor/scholar who was fresh off of years of studying theology in seminary, and then philosophy in the University’s PhD program, the goal toward which I was driven was to be the person who could answer every question – mine and anyone else’s. I might not have had the gall to articulate it like that then, but I can see it clearly now. I was also a fairly intuitive counselor, and kept up a bit on the newest popular theories of counseling. I also had a fairly avid interest in the relationship between science and the Bible. So what else was there to know?

Besides all of that, we had just started an exciting new church, and it grew to more than 300 people in a very short time. The seminary I graduated from offered to pay my way to any PhD program in theology in the world if I would promise to come teach for them – and I turned them down because starting New Covenant was even more exciting. Being one who seemed “to know” seemed to be paying off.

As I look back, my personal arrogance is frightening. I am delighted that God was merciful and patient. (more…)

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