Striving to be a bridge in our community & world

Bridges are all about connecting, not dividing. At New Covenant Fellowship, the bridge has become a meaningful symbol, because it’s another way to think about a covenant—it represents how hard God works to bridge the chasms in our lives and our world.

When those chasms are bridged—between young and old, conservative and liberal, people who live in big homes and those who are homeless, those who were raised in the church and those who are new to the faith—this world begins to look and function a bit more like God intended.

We hope you’ll visit—join us in worship at 10:30 on Sunday mornings, ask questions, experience God’s grace, grapple with what the Bible teaches us, and work with us to bring more of God’s mercy and justice to our world.

As a community of believers, we strive to be:

Doing justice
Giving freely
Embracing diversity

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

The notion of “plateaus” in life came up in some of the story-telling that took place in our 2015 Summer Small Groups – those moments in life when we can look back and see how far we’ve come and at the same time can look ahead and see how much farther we have to go. Plateaus might not seem very exciting, but for the moment, we have a chance to stop and reflect on both what’s behind and what’s ahead.

In church work, January always seems to be one of those times—we’ve just come off the “peak” of Advent season and are beginning to look ahead to Lent, Easter, and the rest of the church year. It’s a time that gives us a little breathing room to thank God for the previous year and begin anticipating what’s next. I wanted to share some of my own January reflections with you and encourage you to add your own in the comments below!


Audio of Last Week's Teaching

February 7, 2016 WORD in John 1.1-18 View our Teaching Archive

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If you have any questions or prayer needs or would like to meet with someone, please call or email us at:

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